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Alliance Mission Statement

The Lorain County Community Alliance is a council of governments, formed under the Ohio Revised Code and made up of political jurisdictions and organizations working together for the benefit of the citizens of Lorain County and the entire region.

The Alliance seeks to explore more effective levels of public service, develop mechanisms to save money for the communities involved and benefit the member communities and the region in ways that could not be achieved separately.

Our Vision

"No substantial countywide change is likely unless the persons willing to work for it find some way of joining together for joint planning and coordinated action.”

          - Peter Szanton, from the 1991 report Lorain County 20/20: A Vision for the Future

If “we are as others see us”, the words of Szanton ring as true now as they did in 1991 and serve as a warning to us all.

Collaboration and cooperation are keys. Issues do not begin and end at political boundaries.

The Lorain County Community Alliance is not another layer of government and does not usurp the powers of an individual community, but serves as an effective, unique and progressive platform for the betterment of Lorain County as a whole.

Lorain County is urban, suburban and rural, all within 495 square miles. It’s an area larger than Cuyahoga County and just as complex.

The Alliance provides a forum for bringing the county together to focus on county-wide and regional issues while allowing local control of issues that are indigenous to individual communities.

A Regional Voice

Lorain County has traditionally had no structure to represent cross-community interests. Without such an organization, we forego opportunities to encourage and manage the growth of the county. We consume valuable time and precious resources on competitive interests rather than channeling toward cooperative ventures.

The Lorain County Community Alliance seeks to raise community awareness of the economic and quality of life advantages of thinking regionally.

Preserving and enhancing the quality of life in Lorain County is a challenge that can be met by a collaboration of organizations and political jurisdictions working together to make up the Alliance.

Our citizens have spoken clearly on this issue. According to the Lorain County Attitude survey, 95-percent of respondents favored cooperation among local governments, while 81-percent endorsed the concept of a council of public officials to promote cooperative agreements.

The Job Ahead

By working together, the communities of the county can achieve more in terms of maintaining an enhanced quality of life while achieving greater prosperity at the same time. As Lorain County prospers over the long term, its communities and its citizens share in that wealth.

Some recent issues the Alliance has addressed are transportation, water quality, storm water management, land use, railroad congestion, bulk purchasing, digital infrastructure and utility aggregation.

Many times the county’s almost 300,000 residents want and need specific services. By bringing the appropriate people together in constructive ways, strategies for negotiating shared concerns are generated and shared.

The Alliance holds regularly scheduled meetings and focuses on long-term community strategies that enable Lorain County as a whole to move forward in a coordinated effort, not in ways that jeopardize individual communities. Issues pertaining to the largest common interests of the county and any specifically requested by the members are addressed at meetings.


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